villageshed aframe

The A-Frame style shed is available in both wood and vinyl with sizes ranging from 6′ x 6′ to 12′ x 40′ and offers design elements that meet many home owner association architectural requirements. It has 76″ walls and a 5/12″ roof pitch and comes standard with one doublewide door, two windows, and gable vents. The A-Frame has four popular designs:

  • The Classic A-Frame has one standard doublewide door and two windows with shutters on one side of the shed. This is a popular design for the larger sized A-Frame sheds.
  • The modified Classic A-Frame has the doublewide door and one window on the longer side of the shed and the second window on a different side of the shed. This design allows room for a larger doublewide door and a loft on the smaller sized A-Frame.
  • The New England Deluxe design has a craftsman feel with the wider trim around the doublewide doors, windows, and the corners of the shed. Shutters and transom windows can be added as upgrades.
  • The Economy A-Frame is available in wood only and comes in sizes ranging from 6′ x 8′ to 10′ x 24′ with 24″ on center walls and floors. Economy A-Frame sheds also come with one doublewide door. Economy style sheds, such as the Economy A-Frame, offers a lower price point for anyone on a limited budget.

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