When you purchase a shed from our lot, we will schedule a date that day for when your shed will be delivered. For custom orders, we will give you a target date when the shed will be ready and then contact you to schedule a delivery date when your shed is delivered to our facility. If you cannot be home when your shed is scheduled to be delivered, we will provide you with four flags to mark the location to place your shed.

Picking the right schedule can be difficult at times. If you’re uncertain about whether or not a certain shed size will fit in your yard or place of business, we can plan a visit to your location to help you pick the best location and size.

We recommend a level area for placing the shed, but it is not required. We will make sure the shed is properly set up and level even if the ground is not.
Once your structure is placed in the requested location, our driver checks the doors and windows to make sure they are level and work properly. The standard set up includes placing up to two levels of block and shims under the shed.
Our driver will need an area wide and tall enough for the shed to pass through when accessing the location to place the shed. Watch this short video on how we use the Shed Mule to place the shed in the right location.

We do not charge a fee for delivery within a 50-mile radius or to use the Shed Mule to set up the shed.


If the delivery exceeds the 50 mile radius our fee is $4/mile for the distance outside 50 miles.
If your shed is larger than 256 square feet, your local County building and planning department may require you to obtain a building permit.
The customer is responsible for any requirements made by neighborhood associations that extend beyond the standard block set up provided by Village Shed Store.